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The Leadership Roundtable
Toastmasters Club
Club Number 1636-46

What is The Leadership Roundtable?
We are an Advanced Dinner Meeting Club, meeting on the 1st Monday of each month

Public Speaker

Top 10 Reasons to Visit 

10. It's a District 46 First.
9. It's an Opportunity to Learn from Great Leaders.
8. Utilize our In House High Performance Leadership Guidance Committees.
7. Get Ideas from our "Leadership Speech Topics" List.
6. Take Advantage of Our Leadership Lending Library.
5. Perfect Your Evaluation Skills Using Advanced and Varied Techniques.
4. Receive In-depth and Extraordinary Evaluations. 
3. Benefit from Toastmasters Success/Leadership Modules presented quarterly.
2. Experience an Advanced Club in a professional, relaxed dinner meeting setting.
1. Present and Hear Advanced and CTM Manual Speeches on Leadership.

Where Do We Meet?

Wu Kong Shanghai Restaurant
30 West 46th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues, NYC)
Only $18.00 per person includes several courses and tip!

RSVP Required 2 days before our Club meeting date.
RSVP Fern Rashkover, DTM at (718) 224-6910 or

When Do We Meet? 

First Monday of each month 6 - 8 pm
Our meeting formally begins and dinner is served at 6:15 pm.
Exciting Leadership Table Topics take place 6:30 pm.
Dynamic speeches begin at 6:45 pm.

2003-2004 Calendar:
Jul 7 Time Management.
Aug 4Technology: Friend or Foe?
Sep 8Humorous Speech/Table Topics Contest.
Oct 6Formal Events: Protocol and Etiquette.
Nov 3Networking.
Dec 1Mastering Props.
Jan 5Health and Wellness.
Feb 2 International Speech/Evaluation Contest.
Mar 1 Speaking Without Notes.
April 5Improvisation Part II.
May 3How To Run an Effective Meeting.
June 7The Power of Persuasion.
JulyUseful Conflict: Getting Your Own Way, Compromise, Winning People Over.
What is a Typical Meeting Like?

We experience Toastmasters in a relaxed, dinner meeting setting. Our Advanced Club utilizes the best ideas from our home clubs. We enjoy dinner, High Performance Leadership Committees, Leadership Table Topics, and Club Business. Speeches and Advanced Evaluation Techniques start at 6:45 pm.
Who Can Attend? All Toastmasters and Guests are welcome to visit our Club Meetings. Who Can Join? Current and past Club and District Officers who are CTMs To Find Out More Contact
President: Fern Rashkover, DTM
Vice President Education: Robert Archdeacon, ATMB
Vice President Membership: George Tully, DTM
Vice President Public Relations: Shelia Spencer, DTM
Secretary: Pam Keyzer, DTM
Treasurer: Elaine Rogers, DTM
Sergeant at Arms: Jim Simms, CTM3 Fern Rashkover, DTM or (718) 224-6910 Julio Hurtado, CTM or (201) 868-3537



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