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Jim Samuel - Resume 2007

A 30 years of IT experience - primarily Mainframe Database
Jim Samuel
48 Hickory Court
Jamesburg, NJ 08831-2508

Technical Recruiter:

Please consider me for opportunities. I have been in the industry since 1971, and an independent consultant since 1981, specializing in applications development on IBM mainframes. In particular I have extensive experience working with data base management systems, with ten years of IMS DB/DC, ten years of DB2, with Cobol and CICS. I also have two to three years of Unix and C in a client server environment using windowing, object oriented programming, communications, unix system administration, screen painting, 4GL, and C under DOS, XENIX and IBM AIX on a RISC 6000.

Thank you.


Jim Samuel

Jim Samuel, 48 Hickory Court, Jamesburg, NJ 08831-2508 732-605-1362

Objective: IT Professional.

Education: MBA Finance, University of Connecticut
MS Computer Science, State University of NY, Stony Brook
BS Mathematics, Syracuse University
Unix Systems Administration, Middlesex County College, NJ
Visual Basic, Raritan Valley Community College, NJ

Experience: Project Management, Business Systems Analysis, Programming, Logical Data Modeling, Data Base Review and Evaluation, Testing, Project Development Methodologies, Web Page Design.

Oracle 8, DB2, SQL, SPUFI, QMF, DB2 Utilities, Ingres
IMS DB/DC, MFS, DL/I, IMS Utilities, CICS Command
PL/I, Cobol, Cobol II, Fortran, C, SAS, Q&A
JCL, TSO, SPF, VM/CMS, MVS Utilities, Client Server
Java, Java Script, HTML, HTML Editors, CGI Perl, AutoIT
DOS, Windows 95/98/NT, Unix/C, AIX, Unix System Admin, Visual Basic

Jim Samuel, 48 Hickory Court, Jamesburg, NJ 08831-2508 Page 1 of 3 732-605-1362

November 2004 Present. Loan Officer. National Lending Company, et. al. Originating mortgages.

September 2004 November 2006. Loan Officer / Franchisee. Home Care Assistance. Owned agency that placed home health aides in seniors' home. Lent mortgage money to caregivers and originated reverse mortgages to seniors to pay for care.

September 2003 - June 2004. Math Teacher. Taught Algebra at Barringer High School, inner city school in Newark, NJ.

July 2002 - Present. Financial Services Representative. Meet with prospective clients, gather financial data, identify areas of need, sell insurance and investments.

July 2001 - June 2002. Programmer Analyst. Nabisco - Kraft Foods. Maintained and enhanced the Continuous Replenishment Planning system, a cobol, db2, cics system that created automated orders for our retailers, so they would never run low or be overstocked with Nabisco products.

Webmaster. Webmaster. January 2001 to July 2001. Created web sites for clients, including the Bronx Democratic party, and a chiropractor's office in NJ, built with HTML with advanced features, including JavaScript code, Java applets, CGI responder forms, animated graphics, hypertext links, and automatic sendmail. See

June 1 to December 2000. Project Leader. Brown Brothers Bank. Led team of 5 in maintaining and enhancing a large Cobol II, DB2, CICS for Banking Interest calculation and Overnight Sweep into Cayman Funds. Used Microsoft Bridge Modeler and Workbench and ABT Workbench with autoschedule to create project plans. Wrote high level Business Systems Designs and detailed Computer Systems Designs with specs. Led walkthrus. Attended many planning and status meetings. Approved time sheets entered into ABT Team.

September 1999 to May 2000. PSE&G Electric and Gas Utility. Legacy Decommissioning. Part of team responsible for documenting systems that were no longer active because they had been replaced, retired, or were not year 2000 compliant, archiving data and software, and in some cases replacing decommissioned code with qmf and focus queries. Created DB2 DDL to create new DB2 tables. Ran DB2 load utility.

Summer 1999. ETS. Converted Cobol vsam application to oracle 8. Completed the conversion.

March 1999 to July 1999. IDS. Programmer Analyst. Creating a modified version of Contract Tracking, a system to help pharmaceutical sales reps market to hmo's wholesale. The version was developed with micro-focus cobol, and ported to Oracle version 8 under Unix, and AS/400 under DB2/400. The project quailed when a prospective client failed to sign.

May 1997 - July 1998. Toastmasters International. District Manager. Appointed, trained, and supervised 50 area governors to enhance the performance of and extend the network of 150 chapters of the leading non profit dedicated to effective oral communication. Won the District Evaluation contest.

September 1998 - March 1999. Navieras Shipping Company. Part of team to modify 5000 PL1, Focus, Rexx Execs, Sorts, and Cobol programs for year 2000. Also developed HostFax, to fax trucking orders directly from the mainframe to trucking vendors.

April - September 1998. AT&T. Project Leader. IMS Fast Path, Cobol. Led analyst and 2 developers in enhancing Central Update Process.

January - April 1998. Merrill Lynch. Project Leader for Tax Lot Y2K Fix, IMS with DB2, Cobol. Led 3 developers.

September 1996 - December 1997. Lucent Technologies. Participated in Corporate Start Up. Lead Corporate Card and Bankruptcy Systems Team, 3 members. Cobol, DB2, Focus. Had Unix back end. Maintained and enhanced systems.

Summer 1996. Prudential Insurance. Programmer / Analyst. Spec?ed and wrote Cobol II to extract account balances from a DB2 data base, and compare them to general ledger, highlight differences, and report them in detail. Maintained the requirements document and task schedule.

September 1994 - June 1996. Hoechst-Celanese. Applications System Administrator. Solved production problems, answered users questions, implemented enhancements, corrected errors, and maintained user security for General Ledger and Fixed Asset Accounting System as part of an outsourcing team for legacy systems. Code was PL/I, Cobol, CICS, DB2.

May - September 1994. UPS. Analyst. Examined International Logistics Service Analysis. Created data dictionary, high level design, and detail design including programming specs for a system to capture a prospects shipping data, apply a theoretical UPS price, and produce a report showing savings. The system was intended to be a marketing tool.

July 1993 - May 1994. Merrill Lynch. Programmer Analyst. Modified 401k administration package to comply with pension/savings plan indenture features that varied from plan to plan. The package enabled Merrill to perform record keeping for major firms with large 401k plans. Online and batch processing enabled the client's customer service reps to reply to phone requests that generated cics transactions. Cobol II, with VSAM, with a modest DB2 portion.

September 1992 - July 1993. Warner-Lambert. Programmer Analyst. Developed the Total Rx System for Parke-Davis Division using SAS under AIX and Cobol II, DB2, and CICS on the mainframe. Also was part of team that processed sales data, used to pay the sales force and create tax reports. Maintained Manufacturing Systems in Cobol IMS for Corporate Systems.

April - September 1992. Standard and Poors / McGraw Hill. Business Analyst / Project Leader. Examined and speced out modification to the billing system to comply with state sales tax and auditing requirements. Recruited and supervised a consultant programmer and an employee programmer. Coordinated user participation, and coded part of the system in cobol with vsam under CICS. Reported to the senior vice-president.

Jim Samuel, 48 Hickory Court, Jamesburg, NJ 08831-2508 Page 2 of 3 732-605-1362

April 1990 - April 1992. Panasonic. Analyst. Examined consolidation of several technical support systems; repair manuals were scanned and loaded to a data base. Dealers and others who service Panasonic products have access to the data base. Used C with Clarion and Mewel for user interfaces, Ingres to store data on an IBM PC under SCO XENIX, and TERM for PC to PC communications in a client server environment.

September 1989 - March 1990. AT&T. Tester. Composed test cases, test data, contact lists, and verification criteria for AT&T's new credit card billing and guiding subsystem, the largest billing system in the world. Performed intersystem testing functions to assure the production readiness of the software.

February - September 1989. Exxon. Programmer / Analyst. Coded modules of the Financial Control System, a feed to accounts receivable and affiliates. Generated large invoices which were telexed or mailed to major airlines on behalf of affiliates. Some of my Cobol modules ran under CICS with DB2.

July 1988 - February 1989. Brooklyn Union Gas. Programmer / Analyst. Contributed to System Design for the Marketing Information System, a market segment profit and loss reporting system. Coded programs to convert data to DB2 tables using SQL statements embedded in PL/1, QMF, and the load utility. Created DDL and DML, and used explain, plan_table, and the sysibm tables for performance tuning. Conducted technical interviews for prospective team members.

July 1987 - July 1988. NYNEX. Programmer / Analyst. Created new DB2 system for critical dates in PL/I using embedded SQL statements, QMF, and SPUFI. Designed data base with 13 tables, MFS IMS DC screens for data entry, wrote programming specs, coded and installed the system and maintained it. Also maintained Directory Order Entry System, a large IMS DB batch system.

March - July 1987. ADP. Systems Analyst. Examined the various ways the Data Communications Division stored network configuration documentation. Proposed consolidated data base for data integrity and to facilitate update and inquiry. Interviewed clerks, directors, and VPs to understand the division's documentation requirements. Produced a critical needs analysis and a data flow diagram.

September 1986 - March 1987. Bankers Trust. Programmer / Analyst. Analyzed, designed, programmed, maintained, and documented systems for Securities Operations. Wrote GNMA Cusip and Fedwire Updates, Security Purge, and other applications in Cobol IMS DB/DC.

July 1985 - September 1986. Bellcore (Telcordia). Project Leader. Developed Lifecost, a materials requirements planning system with a cash flow back end in PL/I under CMS. Divided the work for 2 employees and 4 consultants. Wrote status reports including Gantt and Pert charts, and interviewed and evaluated candidates for positions on the project. Conducted technical interviews for Brandon Consulting Group.

February 1984 - July 1985. Salomon Brothers. Analyst. Created testing environment for a new version of the brokerage commission/fee computation module. Reconciled new version to the old version. The programs were in Cobol and ran against IMS data bases, using VM/CMS linked to MVS via an RSCS link. Used the Profs facility.

September 1983 - February 1984. Irving Trust. Programmer / Analyst. Part of development team for Securities Inquiry Processing, a Cobol IMS DB/DC application.

April - September 1983. Chemical Bank. Analyst. Analyzed the possible application of online data entry for the Commercial Loan System, replacing their manual data entry. Interviewed all affected personnel from loan clerks to the VP of Commercial Loan. Created high level and detailed functional specifications and a system design using the Chemical Project Development Methodology and Yourdon data flow diagrams.

Jim Samuel, 48 Hickory Court, Jamesburg, NJ 08831-2508 Page 3 of 3 732-605-1362

January 1981 - April 1983. Citicorp Visa and Master Card. (1) Chief Programmer. Created detail specs for the Preferred Visa Card Solicitation for ten programmers. Assigned modules to be coded, monitored progress, and verified correctness. Established coding and testing standards, and performed integration test of the 25 Cobol modules after unit testing. (2) Analyst. Performed search and evaluation of demand deposit accounting packages. Interviewed vendors to find a package whose functions and facilities matched the requirements: Citicorp wanted to offer integrated NOW checking, savings, visa, and money market accounts. (3) System Developer. Met with users who explained their requirements. Created structured analyses which were part of proposals, and later became documentation. All proposals were approved, and I programmed, tested, and implemented them, and wrote run books. The systems were developed in PL/I under VM/CMS.

October 1979 - January 1981. Merrill Lynch. Studied the feasibility of automating the process of creating quotes for municipal bonds for customer statements, margin computations, and estate valuation. Followed Spectrum Project Development Methodology in interviewing users to determine their requirements. Created an analysis and the largest Municipal Bond Data Base in the world. Was also part of a 20 member team that maintained the Portfolio Management System, a 300 module Cobol IMS DB/DC program that kept track of security positions for money managers' clients.

March 1977 - October 1979. Kerns Manufacturing. Created Computer Department at my uncles' factory. Served all functions of the Department, including purchasing. Analyzed, designed, and coded quality control, accounting, and manufacturing systems. Supervised data entry clerk and one programmer. Taught PL/I IMS to senior consultants part time.

March 1974 - March 1977. Union Carbide. Programmer. Part of team that developed the first data base application in the firm, the customer and vendor master file, using PL/I DB. Became project leader during maintenance phase, with one person reporting to me.

July 1971 - September 1972. Travelers Insurance. Programmer. Maintained large assembler programs on RCA 501 computers.

Doctor of Religious Humanities Certificate
Play Tournament Bridge
Platelet Donor
Speech Contest Winner

Jim Samuel 732-605-1362