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Marketing Excellence

What Worked in Marketing?

Motivational Answers from the 1998-99
Lt. Governors of Marketing of President's Distinguished,
Select Distinguished, and Distinguished Districts.

Compliments of
Pam Keyzer, DTM, International Director Candidate, Region VII
President's Distinguished District 1998-99
Think Distinguished


Halfway through "Lessons From the Top" it occurred to me that we needed to find out what worked in Marketing last year. I learned something from every conversation with the 1998-99 Lt. Governors of Marketing (LGMs).
I heard new ideas and found myself exclaiming, "that's so true!"

Marketing is a tough District goal to make. Bob Cranston, DTM, District 38's 1998-99 Lt. Governor Marketing, described it this way: "you need honesty about the weak clubs and a good transition meeting within the Top 3. If we'd known up-front that 7-8 clubs (would be lost)... but it caught me right between the eyes. It was a rude awakening and bill collecting is something else!"

Bob's experience was identical to my experience as a new LGM. When I was a LGM, I wish I could tapped into the collective wisdom of LGMs from around the world. If such a document had existed, I know I would have read it!
I hope current and incoming Top 3 Teams will use this collection of marketing gems. Italics have been placed on some exceptionally important
words of wisdom.

Sincere thanks to the1998-99 Lt. Governors of Marketing within these pages for sharing their ideas and their commitment with us.

This project is dedicated to LGMs everywhere, past and present,
for giving so much to Toastmasters.

Marketing Excellence Compiled by Pam Keyzer, DTM
International Director Candidate Region VII
President's Distinguished District 1998-99
Think Distinguished

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