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Marketing Excellence

What Worked in Marketing in 1998-99?

Motivational Answers from the
Lt. Governors of Marketing who Achieved
Marketing Excellence in 1998-99

President's Distinguished Districts 1998-99

District 75, Hidelito S. Pascual, DTM, #2 in the World
Presidents Extension Award #1 in the World

Try to find new places for Toastmasters. The best source is the individual member. Never underestimate the places. At officer training, we asked the officers to list who might need Toastmasters. Over 200+ leads resulted from this. District Governor Christine Temblique and the team were able to make 49 clubs (24%). Asking made them more committed before Area, Division, and District Officers. Look at the success stories and replicate it in similar places. Show the advantages of the Toastmasters program (English as a second language).

District 46, Rose Martino-Gerhard, DTM, #4 in the World
President's Extension Award #3 in the World

Look for the balance between membership retention, chartering new clubs, and
membership building. Stay focused. Follow-up. If you delegate without following up, half of it is not going to come true. Focus on retention first, the low member clubs and single digits. I recruited "TLC" (Teaching, Listening, and Caring) teams immediately. Have fun along the way. Enjoy your term as LGM!

District 15, Sue Potter, DTM, #5 in the World
Last year, we had a lot of people willing to go out there and put out the effort to get it done. Success has nothing to do with me! It has to do with the team. Always stay positive. Have a positive outlook and encourage your clubs. Remind them early and often. Your Area Governors are important, if they communicate on a monthly basis with the clubs, not just the 2 times a year they have to. We had very dedicated Area Governors and several enthusiastic Toastmasters who knew how to sell Toastmasters.

District 68, Eugene Reyes, DTM, #6 in the World
Anything you expect from your team you have to do too. Set the example. That includes all aspects of Toastmasters, whether attending meetings or getting a CTM. A few years ago, we tried the Mall idea and I'd like to try it again next year. In September, we took over the main area of a mall and had continuous Toastmasters activities. Ten to fifteen Clubs were involved. Each Club held a 1 hour Club meeting and were encouraged to bring many people. On the perimeter, Toastmasters offered explanations and literature was displayed. We got members, CTMs, and even got a club started. It wasn't difficult to get permission from the Mall. Plan early, bring a lectern, members, banners, and pamphlets. Psych 'em up! Have a theme for this, get everyone enthusiastic, and catch people's eyes. Follow-up on leads afterwards. We also had "sex" meetings...Speaker Evaluator Exchanges!

Select Distinguished Districts 1998-99

District 45, Cliff Fournier, DTM, #7 in the World
We persevered! Some hit, some missed! Follow the materials: the books, manuals, leads, the resources. Keep following up leads. Sometimes you work and work and nothing happens and then one falls in your lap. Follow up on all leads wherever they are coming from. We benefit by sharing a border (U.S. and Canada) from transfers and former members.

Out of 30 members, 4-5 members have been around more than 5 years. A new Dale Carnegie program called Leaders is going back to their graduates. We have more alumni than members. Our members average 3 years, got what they wanted and left. We should be doing more follow up. Even a club could take a membership list and go to former members. Following up with former members as a source of leads is something we are not capitalizing on.

If a new club drags on for 1 ½ years (and is not chartering), they can lose interest. The organizer can get side tracked with job responsibilities. Don't get distracted, have definiteness of purpose. It has to happen and happen fast.

TI's lead letter doesn't distinguish between a membership (inquiry) or a club. Call back. If you delegate it to an Area Governors, they could follow up but the LGM might not hear back. The LGM needs to follow up on the lead directly to get the information. Then refer it to the Area Governor or to a Club if it's membership.

Marketing Excellence Compiled by Pam Keyzer, DTM

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