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Speech Writing Tips

  • Choose a Topic You are Passionate About
    Speak about what you care about!
  • Let the Ideas Flow
    A great speech is a long journey made up of small steps. Once you pick your topic, start by brainstorming any and all ideas related to the topic.
    Let the ideas flow, and have fun!
  • Focus on Your Theme
    If a quote, story, or anecdote doesn't support your main theme, leave it out.
  • Less is More
    If you pack too much in, your message will be obscured.
    Stick to 2 or 3 main points.
  • The Power of the Personal Story
    The connection between you and your audience is found in personal stories. Information is important, but ears perk up when the personal story begins.
  • Work with a Mentor
    Ask a fellow club member to listen to the speech. You have the final decision, but it's great to get feedback.
  • Intoxicating Introductions and Electrifying Exits
    Start off with a "hook" that gets the audience to listen and grabs their attention.
    Your conclusion should be a dramatic finish.
  • Keep on Speaking
    Practice will calm those butterflies and get them flying in formation!

Compliments of Pam Keyzer, DTM
International Director Candidate
Region VII
Think Distinguished

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