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Lessons From the Top

What Made the Difference in Reaching
Critical Success Factors?

Inspiring Answers from President's Distinguished
Select Distinguished and Distinguished
1998-1999 District Governors

Compliments of Pam Keyzer, DTM, International Director Candidate, Region VII
President's Distinguished District 1998-99

Where the Idea for "Lessons From the Top" Came From:
At the August, 1999, International Convention in Chicago, I picked up a terrific handout called, "They Brought Out The Magic... You Can, Too!" by International Director
Johnny Uy, DTM. In it, he interviewed several World Champions of Public Speaking.

In February 2000, I remembered that handout and thought, "What if we could find out from Immediate Past District Governors (IPDGs) what made the difference in reaching their Critical Success Factors?" I decided to call the IPDGs to ask them.

"Lessons From the Top" is the result of 33 wonderful conversations.

As we approach the homestretch to June 30th, I hope current and incoming Top 3 Teams will find these leadership gems as inspiring as I have! Every word hit home for me and I used italics to emphasize some especially important lessons.

My special thanks to the IPDGs who shared their experiences and their dedication to Toastmasters within these pages.

Pam Keyzer, DTM
International Director Candidate Region VII
President's Distinguished District 1998-99
Think Distinguished

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Lessons from the Top Compiled by Pam Keyzer, DTM
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