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Meet Pam, your host!

Fellow Toastmasters:
Why Pam Keyzer for International Director Region VII? Why Now?
Because I'll give the job everything I've got, from top to bottom.
Let me explain.

First, I want to offer you my experience as a Policy Maker.
Directors Develop policy.
Offer ideas that get results.
Ensure fiscal stability.
Plan the long and short term.
They know how to manage.

At the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, I review and set policy.
I oversee and save millions of dollars for taxpayers. How do I do it? Through consensus, by working with everyone from management, to engineers, to...attorneys.
Making policy is an exciting job!

Second, I want to offer you my an Ambassador.
An Ambassador helps our Clubs and Districts stay focused on their mission.
And that is to Think Distinguished.
Directors help the Top 3 keep their eye on the donut, and not the hole!
Becoming Distinguished doesn't happen overnight.
It takes time to learn how to Think Distinguished.

It's like the game Giant Steps. I started off with a baby step...
11 years ago when I joined Toastmasters.

How did I join? On the other side of my cubicle, I heard laughing and clapping every Wednesday at noon. I remember thinking, who are these people? My co-worker said, that's Toastmasters, come to a meeting. So I went and my reaction was "get me out of here!" I thought, "I can never do this." And I didn't go back for months. But I joined in 1989 because my boss told me I was going to explain a new environmental law to 400 angry industry officials.

I've taken some Big steps in learning what it takes to be a Distinguished team.
5 years later I was a Distinguished Club President
A Distinguished Area Governor
A Distinguished Division Governor

I've taken some Giant steps at the District level:
Excellence in Marketing
Excellence in Education and Training
President's Distinguished District, Number 4 in the World, last year.

I'm proud to have been a part of those teams. And I'm proud to be a candidate who has held each of those Top 3 positions.

And now I'm ready to Take the Next help us all Think Distinguished
because my head and my feet are focused on our program.
Finally, I want to offer my a Motivational Trainer.
Professionally, I train project managers on 2 systems at U.S. EPA.
In Toastmasters, I asked if I could train Club Presidents in 1994.
And I spent the next 5 years training Club Presidents!

How are Directors involved in training?
They recommend programs and train Top 3 Officers.
They do what's best for all members and communicate those decisions.
Directors are a role model for leadership.
They represent our organization NOT just as a speaker, but as a listener.

Past President Bob Barnhill calls the Board "the collective wisdom of the past 75 years"
I want to contribute to that wisdom and build on it.
So this winter I called the Governors and Lt. Governors of Marketing who had achieved Distinguished or higher last year. I asked them, "What worked, what made the difference?" I sought their wisdom to share it with others. I listened and the results are "Lessons from the Top and Marketing Excellence" which I shared with Region VII's leaders this spring.

Why Pam Keyzer now?
I want to help NOW and I offer my heart and my dedication.

P for Policy Maker, A for Ambassador, M for Motivational Trainer.
That spells Pam !

In closing, being an International Director is NOT a title.
It's NOT a seat at the head table. It's a commitment.

Consider my experience and the ideas I can offer as a Policy Maker
Use your feet... to take Giant Steps with Me.
Follow your heart and Vote for Pam Keyzer for International Director Region VII.

Thank you!
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