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Distinguished Club Planner

  • January
    • Attend Club Officer Training!
    • New term begins for weekly clubs that elect semi-annually.
    • Plan club contests and order materials early.
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  • February
    • Attend Club Officer Training
    • Hold Club contests.
    • Start collecting dues for April 10th (April-September period)
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  • March
    • Complete club contests.
    • Collect dues.
    • Proxies for Regional / International are mailed to club presidents.
    • Support Club contestants at Area Contests.
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  • April
    • April 10th: Semi Annual dues are due to T. I.
    • April 25th: Submit 3 club newsletters to T. I.
    • April 25th: Send Membership Campaign to T.I. Attend Division Contests.
    Make sure members close to speech #10 get plenty of speaking opportunities.
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  • May
    • Hold Club Officer elections for July 1 term.
    • Outgoing presidents get officer manuals from T.I.
    • Give the manuals to incoming officers!
    • Don't miss your District's Spring Conference and speech contest finals.
    • Cast your Club's 2 votes at the Business Meeting.
    When your club adds 5 members during May & June, your club earns T.I.'s
    "Beat the Clock" award!
    Give members close to speech #10 the chance to speak!
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  • June
    • Club Officer training begins.
    • June 2-3rd: Go to the Regional hosted by District 36 in Bethesda! Pam Keyzer, DTM President's Distinguished 1998-1999 District 46 Governor, is a candidate for International Director Region VII.
    • Complete that 10th speech and mail in CTM's and ATM's (postmarked by June 30th & received by T.I. by July 7th) VPE or President signs front & also signs off on all speeches.
    • June 30th:
      • Send incoming Club Officer list to T.I. & Governor.
      • Distinguished Club year ends
      • Postmark deadline for all awards!
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  • July
    • Attend Club Officer training!
    • Distinguished Club Program year starts!
    • Set up monthly Club Officer team meetings.
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  • August
    • Attend Club Officer training!
    • Don't miss the International Convention in Miami Beach, Florida, August 23-26.
    • Plan and Promote Club contests.
    • Order contest materials early.
    • start collecting dues.
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  • September
    • Complete Club contests.
    • Continue collecting dues.
    • Semi-Annual report is sent to Presidents.
    Add 5 new members in September-October, & earn T.I.'s "Smedley" award for your club.
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  • October
    • October 10: Semi-annual dues are due to T.I.!
      (minimum of 8 checks needed; don't be late!)
    • Attend Area and Division contests.
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  • November
    • Attend your District Fall Conference!
    • Get Inspired by the Speech Contest finals and great workshops!
    • Hold elections (for clubs meeting weekly).
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  • December
    • Send Officer list to District Governor for weekly clubs electing semi-annually.
    • Club Officer training begin
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