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District 35, Jerry Kurzer, DTM, #29 in the World
I never believed in magic formulas and still don't. As a computer software designer,
I constantly analyzed and predicted the numbers. I went out to Clubs and used the phone. I was lucky to get people in the District to help on the phone. I believe in leading by example. I sponsored 28 new members. We asked the Area and Division Governors to also lead by example (get a CTM or sponsor new members). Members don't know where their members are (in speeches). You as officers have to set the example. The average member doesn't know the District Governor's name. To get the work done, roll up your sleeves and get out there. I calculated a 20% loss at each semi and was not too far off. We take the attitude that we're a volunteer organization, so if we don't want to do something, we don't have to. I don't believe that. I believe that it's even more critical to be vigilant in a volunteer organization. In a business, we go out and hire more people. In a volunteer organization, it's hard to replace volunteers. I define a member when an application and check has been sent in to TI. I have the 400 application filled out before I even get to the meeting! I ask for the check. We had a great Governor, Pat Akey, DTM. The Top 3 walked arm and arm at the Palm Desert Convention. We worked on our plan that whole week. I'm lucky I'm retired so I could go to the Clubs. With unpaid clubs I have been know to say, "I'm not leaving here until I have a membership list and check in hand!"

The Resource Advanced Club does things outside of the Club. We let it be known we are available to anyone. This idea came from Past District 35 Governor Helen Beale. Known as the "RAC Pack" it's made up of many PDGs and PIDs. We keep egos out of the mix. We help train officers, go to demo meetings, visit struggling clubs, judge student speech contests, and more. Many of us are retired and can pop in a car and go. We have a regular club meeting once a month and are dual members. We all get CTMs and work on the Advanced manuals. A club was saved because the club member knew somebody would be there for her. We told her, "We'll come and you'll speak to a room full of people."

District 31, Victor Carbone, ATM-S, #31 in the World
We had a good start, with 4 clubs charted by September, that was a jump on per caps.
Between September to December, there were 2 more clubs. It was teamwork and early leads. Professionalism is the idea. If they perceive you as a professional
(with suit and tie), it's a bigger bang for the buck. I used double pocket presentation folders with business cards, brochures, and the download from TI showing companies with clubs. The leadership brochure said, "We do more than develop accomplished speakers. We create accomplished leaders too." It featured leadership experience, training, and High Performance Leadership.

District 13, Joanne Noon, CL, #33 in the World
Blood, Sweat, and Tears! We had 3 new clubs chartered. The Mellon Bank Toastmasters Club was listed in the white pages and that generated 70 calls! So many people called. One part of District Governor's Bob Humphrey's Phase 5 Membership Drive was to survey your members before the dues, then make the changes your members are suggesting. When they see the changes, they will renew.

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Marketing Excellence Compiled by Pam Keyzer, DTM

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